Magic Cat Academy 2
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Magic Cat Academy 2

Magic Cat Academy 2

The most recent installment of the Magic Cat Academy video game series, Magic Cat Academy 2 tasks players with taking on the role of Momo and vanquishing all ghosts while they are submerged in water.

How to Play

Wavy Winter used Tynker to develop Google Doodle Magic Cat Academy 2, which was published online. This was by far the most popular Halloween-themed game featured on Google Doodle in 2013.

Momo is a powerful sorcerer cat, and she has been given the task of protecting the magic school from being overtaken by malevolent spirits using the various spells that she has mastered. To vanquish the spirits, Momo has to make use of her mouse. She is able to do this by manipulating the mouse in a manner that is specific to the organization's insignia. There are a number of different methods to slide, including a line that is either vertical or horizontal, an image, a character, or a ray.


The player has to construct shapes that are similar to those of the ghosts in order to defeat them, such as v,, thunder, and tornado.
The summoning of thunder will result in the annihilation of a large number of spirits.
Construct a heart on your palm to help you restore your strength.

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