Makeover Run

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In Makeover Run, a game that is both informal and interesting, your objective is to amass as many high-quality garments as you possibly can.

How to Play Makeover Run

Would you want to participate in a game that involves jogging and applying makeup? Makeover Run is an excellent option that you should look at. Throughout the course of this game, you will be required to choose a number of different things, including haircuts, cosmetics, and eye and hair colors, for the character you are playing. One must exercise caution when confronted with challenges such as irate females, unclean clothing, dirty wigs, and mud puddles. It is possible to acquire diamonds in order to get access to new skins and costumes.

Main Features

  • Controls and game elements that are easy to understand and follow
  • To pass the time, a game that is both enjoyable and entertaining.
  • Brush, lipstick, and a spoolie are the three tools that are absolutely necessary for your cosmetic collection.

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