Merge Thirteen
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Merge Thirteen

Merge Thirteen

In the entertaining puzzle game Merge Thirteen, you have to connect numbers on the board with lines of like colors in order to eliminate them from the board.

Guidelines for Merge Thirteen

By linking as many digits as you can and aiming for the largest number, you can win Merge Thirteen. Once you've done this, the two tiles with the same number will combine. Every time two tiles are combined, the numbers will double. The objective is to combine cards as frequently as possible in order to reach the required amount of cards. This game has a q, but it's not a classic puzzle.


  • Play a puzzle game to unwind.
  • You don't need a timer to play
  • puzzle games featuring easy-to-understand principles
  • Gorgeous backdrop landscapes with beaches, mountains, and deserts
  • Put your mind to the test and surpass your previous best score.

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