Mine Cart Noob

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Mine Cart Noob is an extraordinary click-and-drag adventure game in which the objective is to propel a little vehicle at an incredible rate of speed and ascend into the upper atmosphere.

How to Play

Your launch meter will increase in proportion to the distance you have traveled. Because of this, it is important for you to not only go a considerable distance but also get a maximum number of coins. Let gravity to carry you in the direction of your choosing. You may generate additional money and impress others through a variety of different strategies.

Inside the game, there are five different components that may be improved:

Tires optimized for speed allow for more efficient passage over the terrain.

Rockets provide you an initial increase in forward momentum and velocity.

Carts - Gives the carts more aerodynamics

Modification: If you want to generate more money, get a new headgear.

Friends - provides an additional impetus