Mobil Bluegon
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Mobil Bluegon

Mobil Bluegon

If you're looking for a great racing game, go no further than Mobil Bluegon, in which you steer a vehicle through various obstacles.

Methods of Playing Mobil Bluegon

The game starts off with a straightforward first level where you can get a feel for the new vehicle. The piled blocks of Level 2 make it more challenging. Get your automobile acclimated to the unfamiliar terrain now. If you are still not confident, you may always practice more. You'll need to have some vertical climbing and flying skills to succeed in this game.

Although maintaining command is simple, mastery of the accelerator, keys, steering wheel, and accelerator is essential. Being composed is also crucial. Crossing bridges and driving in places requiring risky aerial maneuvers are only two examples of the many situations that might arise on the road.


Use the keyboard and mouse to play.

Proceed with W D X Up Arr R to advance.

Backwards: S, A, Z, The Down and Left Arrows

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