Motoracer vs Huggy
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Motoracer vs Huggy

Motoracer vs Huggy

In the fast-paced video game Motoracer vs Huggy, your goal is to take down as many of the blue monsters with bad intentions as you can.

Instructions for the Motoracer vs the Huggy

In the video game Motoracer Vs Huggy, your objective is to race a motorbike while dodging and destroying those annoying blue monsters. Keep away from Kissy Missy since she's dangerous and might end your life. Take precautions to avoid getting hurt by any of the various risks and perils that are present on the course.

You will also need to avoid additional obstacles, such as shrubs, trees, rocks, and cacti as you make your way through the level. Feel free to show off some of your skills if you're able to catch some air in order to wow your audience.

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