Obby Blox Parkour

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Obby Blox Parkour is a 3D action game that is quite similar to Parkour Block 3D. In this game, the only way to lose your life is to tumble from platform to platform.

How to Play

The Obby Blox. The essence of parkour is tenacity and determination. Continue to go forward, don't let fear hold you back, and be sure to precisely plan your actions so that you don't end up falling into nothingness. Jumping from one platform to the next in order to avoid falling from the sky and making it to the flag at the end of each stage is required. If that occurs, you are at a loss and will need to begin over.


Keep moving ahead and press the leap button when you reach the edge of the platform. If you don't aim for the following step, you run the risk of falling off the opposite edge of the log. You must first arrive at the checkpoint before continuing on. Doing so will save your progress.


Desktop: • SPACE - jump • WASD - move • Left mouse click - camera rotation • Double Escape - menu Mobile: • Touch