Only Up Or Lava
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Only Up Or Lava

Only Up Or Lava

When playing Only Up Or Lava, you will need to climb, leap, and perform precise jumps in order to overcome all of the obstacles.

Only Up Or Lava instructions

Have you ever tried Only Up? Are you a fan of games from Only Up? To emerge victorious, all that is required of you is to complete stages, leap over perilous obstacles, and stay away from the hot lava in Only Up Or Lava. There are a total of 18 stages for you to accomplish, and in order to progress to the next level and reach the conclusion of the game, you will need to climb different items that are suspended in the air. In order to progress through the game, you will need to constantly leap and turn to the left or right. However, despite its apparent simplicity, bunny-hopping is a challenging skill to perfect.

Main Features

  • Mode of shooting from the first-person perspective
  • Control and speed may both be increased via the use of air strafing.
  • A broad variety of bunny-hop maps are available for you to test your skills on.
  • Simple controls that are simple to operate
  • By completing parkour tasks, you may advance to higher grades.

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