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Pacman is an engaging arcade game in which players must collect 14600 points per level by consuming all monsters in the smallest amount of time.

Instructions for playing Pac-Man

Each level is capable of awarding a maximum of 14,600 points. If you consume a few fruits, your level will improve. The cherry is the first fruit to provide a 100-point bonus. Upon reaching the Key level, you can earn up to 5,000 points per fruit. When you eat an energizer, every monster in the maze will turn blue. You can now consume monsters for points, thus raising the points you receive per monster from 200 to 1,600. Monsters will not remain blue for long, or until they are completely consumed. To go through each level more rapidly, it is necessary to create repetitive and logical patterns. The Cherry pairing is the first of three logical patterns. If these patterns are followed correctly, Pac-Man can safely outwit the monsters and collect the bulk of the dots in the maze.

Pac-Man Mid-Fruit pattern

With the second mid-fruit pattern, the pace quickens once further. This pattern is compatible with the screens listed below. The first screen will display a strawberry, while the second will feature peaches. Monsters are less blue than in the previous motif. The points for fruit consumption are increasing. Tunnels become more efficient as their speeds increase. Proceed to the left.

Apple Pac-Man Pattern

The Apple is Pacman's third and final pattern. If you follow the instructions correctly, you'll be able to consume the majority of the dots without hesitation. You may play these corners any way you choose, but the monsters will only be blue for a brief period.

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