Paper Flight 2

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You'll have a lot of fun playing Paper Flight 2, and with each new try, you'll be able to make significant strides in areas such as your physical prowess and reaction time.

The directions for Paper Flight 2, in its entirety.

The objective of Paper Flight 2 is the same as that of the original game, which is to go the farthest distance possible. When blue stars are accumulated, they may be cashed in for cash. There are certainly other things that are now in transit. You may shield yourself from harm by using the lightning symbol. In the event that you fall, you will immediately rocket back up into the air. You also have the option of being propelled upward by the golden star. It is possible for it to move or it might stay still. This game will put your talents to the test as you battle toy aircraft, gas clouds, and even an alien spaceship that is aiming its cannon at you.

Main Features

  • An exciting simulation game focused on the exploration of space.
  • Rocket Physics: Feel the precision for yourself.
  • Observe the striking similarities that exist between the Solar System and the actual world.
  • Create your own customized rockets to fit your needs.

The solar system may be explored quite well via the use of space travel simulators. You may have fun playing Jump The Wall and Red and Blue Stickman 2 on your own computer. Both of these games are simulations. There are more games like this available on Snow Rider 3D.