Parkour Block 6

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More levels and mechanisms are present in Parkour Block 6, which is one of the most exceptional versions of the Parkour Block series.

Tips for Playing Parkour Block 6

If you are an avid enthusiast of the Parkour Block series, you should immediately investigate Parkour Block 6. All that is required is the ability to overcome intricate obstacles in this adrenaline-fueled parkour game. You must also leap from block to block in order to access the portal that will carry you to the subsequent stage. Evaluate your agility, precision, and dexterity by overcoming intricate obstacles presently.

Main Features

  • There are 75 new levels to discover.
  • Your parkour abilities are challenged to the maximum with each level, which is intended to test your precision and coordination.
  • Beautiful Minecraft theme.

Other popular Parkour Block versions


• SPACE - jump

• WASD - move

• L. SHIFT - running

• Double Escape