Pets vs Bees

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One of the finest spin-offs of Protect My Dog is Pets vs. Bees, and the primary objective of the game is to protect adorable pets from all of the bees.

How to play Pets vs Bees

You will need to create a barrier and safeguard the heroic dogs before the bees manage to escape their hive. The rules for this game are the same as those for Protect My Dog, Save the Panda and Draw 2 Save Doge. You are about to go on a leisurely day that will consist of fifty stages, but you should not get complacent since the degree of difficulty will rise as you advance through the game. Your abilities will develop as you advance through the game, and you will have a greater understanding of the resources you need to utilize and the techniques you need to apply in order to be successful.

Main Features

  • You may personalize your squad and hone your plans to achieve success.
  • As you brush against an infinite number of stinging thorns, create a line with your pencil that will act as a barrier against the onslaught against you.