Police Car Cop Real Simulator

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Police Car Cop Real Simulator is an awesome racing game where you need to make an effort to control great police cars in the driving environment


Thank you for taking the time to play Police Car Cop Real Simulator. In a large driving environment, command several magnificent police cars. This Cop Automobile game is an action-packed program in which you are tasked with chasing down automobile thieves. Irresponsible drivers have taken over the streets. Join the force to help restore order, then work your way through the ranks to become the ultimate law enforcement officer. You have complete freedom to enter and exit your vehicle at any time. This is an open-world cop simulator.


A vast, intricate open-world setting with miles of complicated road systems to travel on, both on and off city streets! - Choosing the appearance of the main character - Weapons of the cold and firearms, ranging from batons and handguns to shotguns and rifles - Realistic car physics, including car damage, speedometer, and fuel level control - Real-time vehicle damage - Cutting-edge law enforcement vehicles and weapons - Endless mission goals ensure that there is never a dull time!! - Camera angles that are dynamic - Easy-to-operate driving controls, such as touch, wheel, and tilt! - Entertaining gameplay that reflects the allure of an ordinary cop's life. - The gearshift, the gas pedal, the brakes, and the steering wheel - The Police Car's Siren


W -Accelerate,
S -Backward,
A -Steer Left,
D -Steer Right,
C -Change the Camera,
R -Reset Car,
Space – Jump,
L -Shift – Sprint / Nitro,
M -Map,
F -Car Enter/Exit,
I -Instructions,
P/Esc -Pause,
H -Police Siren,
Q -Roll,
E -Inventory,
Z -Missions