Racing Horizon
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Racing Horizon

Racing Horizon

Racing Horizon, a three-dimensional racing game, provides an exceptional gaming experience. The primary objective is to operate a high-performance vehicle and successfully navigate past various impediments.

Instructions for Racing Horizon

Racing Horizon is a very immersive racing game that offers a three-dimensional experience, aiming to replicate reality. In this game, players engage in competitive races against fellow drivers, vying for the coveted first-place position on a road that presents many challenges such as heavy traffic, obstructions, and an extensive array of sports cars. The game provides a diverse selection of sports automobiles and a range of upgrade choices. Embark upon an extensive professional endeavor in the field of highway racing or engage in ceaseless navigation through a cartographic representation. Experience the unrestricted ability to navigate in an infinite mode. In order to complete the course within the allotted time, it is imperative to drive at the highest feasible speed. In order to successfully evade the police, it is important to execute flawless driving skills when in escape mode. Additionally, individuals have the opportunity to participate in a law enforcement pursuit operation. A diverse selection of highway race maps, cars, and modes is available for your selection.

Main Features

  • An adrenaline-fueled racing video game featuring elements of explosive weaponry and environmental damage.
  • Experience a total of 90 stages with apocalyptic themes, each featuring 5 formidable monsters.
  • Operate vehicles from a selection of ten automobiles associated with fatal accidents.
  • There are a total of 15 distinct adversaries that must be overcome.
  • There are four improvements that can be utilized to boost one's arsenal, automobile, and weaponry.

This action racing game provides an ideal platform for showcasing one's battle prowess. Crazy Drift and Drift Hunters are two racing games that offer a heightened level of intensity for players to experience. Snow Rider 3D offers a variety of additional games for users to engage with.


Move: W,A,S,D or ARROW KEYS NOS: N Change camera: C

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