Raft Life
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Raft Life

Raft Life

It's a fantastic adventure game called Raft Life! By constructing an island, you may demonstrate your remarkable craft skills and your ability to survive.

Instructions for Raft Life

Developed by Boombit is the Raft Life. To win the game, you must make every effort to remain alive while you are on your Raft. This includes activities such as cutting down trees, attempting to catch fish, planting in order to cultivate fruits and vegetables, and so on. Be on the lookout for eight distinct sorts of adversaries, ranging from snowmen to fungus aliens, who will attempt to thwart your efforts to prevent your good intentions from being realized.

Main Features

  • With a new pickaxe, you can boost your workplace efficiency.
  • To manufacture and melt metals, industrial facilities need be established.
  • Create formidable weapons, such as the Excalibur sword, among other things.
  • You will explore ten distinct locales inside the game.
  • Face up against eight distinct foes.

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