Sheep Sheep!
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Sheep Sheep!

Sheep Sheep!

In the fantastic arcade game Sheep Sheep, you must launch the sheep and stack them all together to get to the window while avoiding any obstacles.


Sheep, Sheep Sheep Sheep! is a challenging Match 3 game with a farm theme in which you can find lots of tiles. All of the tiles feature farm and agriculture-related motifs. To assist you in knocking the tower down, you may easily obtain fresh corn cobs and buckets.


In Sheep Sheep, you must be a strategic player. Stones may be readily matched, then taken apart. You'll need to decide later on which tiles to remove and when. In order to eventually add the missing tile, you might also wish to advance a few tiles. Before you begin, you need to determine which one could be absent.


Target Launch from Space Bar using WASD
Switch 1 and 2 around like pants.
You may also use your mouse.

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