Ship containers

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Ship Containers is a fresh new Snow Rider 3D puzzle game, and the objective of the game is to collect as many containers as you can so that you can advance to higher levels.

Detailed Instructions for Ship containers

Playing the game Ship Containers with a group of pals is a lot of fun. The navigation of the ship can be accomplished using either a mouse or a finger. In addition, it is possible to load and unload containers of a variety of colors at a number of different ports. The icons that are presented on the user interface can be used by the user to control the light sources and the wipers. Once they are inside, they can also utilize their GPS or ring their horn for assistance. You can choose from a number of different camera angles. You can improve the furnaces at the processing facility and buy new ships with the money that you earn from burning waste. This money can also be used to buy more waste to burn.

Fantastic Features

  • There are a lot of different improvements that may be purchased.
  • Realistic dynamics and eye-popping visuals are featured.
  • Explore a very detailed map.
  • The effects of the day and weather are true to life.

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