Side Defense

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Side Defense is a strategy game with a magnificent concept and great visuals; the objective of the game is to have as much fun as you can while still achieving the highest score you can.

Instructions for Side Defense

When playing Side Defense, the objective is to prevent the balls from reaching or contacting the red and yellow walls that are located on the bottom and right sides of the screen. A game that never comes to a finish is called Side Defense. Your objective is to get rid of as many of the balls as possible before they hit the wall. Because of the high rate at which the balls are dropping, playing Side Defense will become increasingly challenging.

Main Features

  • achieving the goals set at each level, such as amassing a certain number of coins or avoiding certain hazards.
  • Tokens and powerups are going to be of great assistance to you as you battle the bad guys and make your way through the environment.
  • Take advantage of the outstanding graphics.

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