Slice them all! 3D

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You are able to cut each one of them! To become a Slicing Hero in the arcade game known as Slice them all! 3D, you will need to slice soap-like things that come in a variety of forms and sizes.

How to Play

The first-person shooter game Slice them all! 3D and your objective is to eliminate all of your foes.

The goal of the video game Slice Them All is to save the captives from the robots. 3D. Your ability to aim and fire will be delegated to the mouse. It is armed with a strong laser rather than traditional bullets. As you are holding it, move it to the left and right to lessen the number of obstacles, particularly the robots that are approaching you. These are the adversaries who need to be vanquished and eradicated.

This score adds to your total number of victories and grants you access to their orbs for treasure. If you want to obtain the greatest score possible, you need to destroy as many opponents as you possibly can, and then watch as your name climbs higher and higher on the leaderboards.