Slime Knight
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Slime Knight

Slime Knight

Slime Knight is an arcade game that challenges players to vanquish adversaries utilizing the sword-wielding abilities of a valiant knight positioned on the game's terrain.

Instructions for the Slime Knight

Slime Knight is a 2D platform video game that challenges players to navigate through a centuries-old castle in order to reach an exit door. In order to achieve victory, it is imperative to strategically release one's sword at precisely the opportune moment. It is vital to engage in deep breathing exercises when making critical judgments. The Slime Knight can be traversed by employing the X, SPACE, and Right Click keys in order to surmount obstacles or hazards.

Main Features

  • Uncovering hidden knowledge and acquiring precious treasures
  • Confront the superiors who pose challenges to you.
  • Experience the phenomenon of a persistent universe that maintains its existence beyond the confines of active engagement.

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