Smash Colors: Ball Fly
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Smash Colors: Ball Fly

Smash Colors: Ball Fly

Smash Colors: Ball Fly is an awesome hypercasual game and your main goal is to tap the ball in order to keep it in motion.

Instructions for Smash Colors: Ball Fly

Have fun taking in all the sights, sounds, and sensations. You really must play this video game based on gravity. To keep the ball from falling to the ground, you will need to hold it up while it is in the air and tap on it. You are able to go through any barriers that are the same color as the ball. After going through each wall, the ball will seem to have a different hue.

Main Features

  • While you play, take at the stunning motifs that are available.
  • Utilizing the practice mode will allow you to get the absolute most out of your time spent gaming.
  • There are varying degrees of challenges associated with each song.
  • Songs that are enjoyable as well as entertaining, and they cater to a variety of musical interests.

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