Suika Game
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Suika Game

Suika Game

A fruit puzzle game called Suika Game may be played for free. You have to fill the box with different fruits, one by one, by stacking and dropping them. Then, when these come into touch, combine them into one bigger fruit. There will be a domino effect from this.

Instructions for Suika Game

A Chinese online browser game named "Synthetic Big Watermelon" served as the inspiration for Suika Game. You have to mix fruits to build larger ones in order to win. The largest fruit you can grow and the one that awards you with the most points is the watermelon. Never be hesitant to try forth novel tactics. Sometimes creative arrangements of fruit work quite well. Although it requires the greatest room, watermelon receives the highest score. Suika Game has intricately designed fruits with a backdrop full of lush backdrops, fruit booths, and orchards.


  • Rich visuals, fruit cascades, matching combinations, unusual goods, and more
  • Replaying time trials and unlocked levels to raise your score
  • Additional difficulties by tossing fruit and puzzle components
  • To prevent monotonous gaming, change up the game's objectives.
  • Sharing high scores on social media
  • There will be more themes, chapter layouts, and level designs included in the material.

You may play the entertaining and difficult game Suika Game right now! Additional puzzle games, such as Bubble Shooter Candy 3 and MrEscape Game, are available on this site. Try your brain's endurance with these crazy fruity puzzles by playing today!

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