Super Wario Riders

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Playing as Mario's buddies in Super Wario Riders is the primary objective of this exciting Super Mario spin-off -Super Wario Riders.

How to Play Super Wario Riders

Super Wario Riders is an excellent game to play if you're looking for a fresh, exciting Super Mario spin-off. Discovering the world of mushrooms and magic stars while attempting to race with Mario's buddies is all you need to do to win this game. To get the highest score, you must leap over the obstacles in your path, gather yellow stars, and stay clear of the spikes. Do not overlook the opportunity to unlock all the adorable characters in this game, such as Luigi, Toadette, and Toad.

Rules for Success

  • Get bonus points by collecting stars along the way. 
  • Try to get as many coins as you can.
  • You won't have any trouble getting used to Super Wario Riders' gameplay.

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Mouse or Touch For Play