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The new action game Superfighters is geared mostly toward young men and requires players to use cunning tactics in order to triumph over a wide variety of foes while wielding a wide variety of weaponry.

How to Play

Superfighters have miniature guys fighting each other by shooting, stomping on, setting fire to, and stabbing each other. Although there have been no changes made to the game's rules, the objectives have been somewhat more difficult. You may increase your stats and wipe out all of your foes by using any one of the many weapons available to you. The game challenges you to sprint, leap, and shoot, in addition to stomping, mashing, and lighting the opposition on fire. However, the number of weapons at your disposal is quite restricted, and so is your power.


To play this game with a friend, go to the "2 players" area and click there. Select "Vs. If you make a choice, your buddy will turn into an adversary "Vs. Through the " Stage mode " menu option, you and a buddy are able to form a coalition against the many foes you face.


Player 1

Move to the left and right as the first player.
Jump: Up
In a squat position, down
Melee: N
Take a look at M Grenade
Get Powerful.

Player 2

To move, press A and D.
Jump: W
Melee: 1 Shoot: 2
Grenade: 3
Power up 4