Sushi Supply Co

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Sushi Supply Co is a captivating clicker game that challenges players to construct an adorable Sushi Empire and accumulate monetary resources.

The instructions provided by Sushi Supply Co.

The game can be won by successfully preparing sushi. Are you interested in achieving unparalleled success as the proprietor of a sushi bar, surpassing all previous records in the annals of history? Now is the opportune moment to skillfully prepare sushi, concoct extraordinary culinary creations, and provide your patrons with great gastronomy. Please go to download the application "Sushi Bar Idle" in order to embark on your journey toward achieving the esteemed title of the most affluent sushi master in recorded history.

Main Features

  • Acquire formidable power-ups to exponentially augment your financial gains.
  • Acquire access to the culinary expertise of Chef in order to attain mastery in the art of sushi preparation.
  • Restaurants possess the potential to enhance client acquisition and revenue generation.
  • Allocate your financial resources towards enhancing the skills and expertise of your culinary personnel, procuring superior quality ingredients, and augmenting the overall infrastructure and operations of your dining establishment.
  • The proprietor of an exemplary sushi establishment eagerly anticipates your arrival.

Are you interested in attaining the status of the most affluent sushi master globally? Would you aspire to become the most affluent sushi master globally? To commence your pursuit of the greatest sushi bar, it is recommended that you download the game "Sushi Supply Co" and utilize Snow Rider 3D as a platform to play it on your personal computer. If you enjoyed playing Sushi Bar, I recommend exploring additional Snow Rider 3D games such as Coffee Master Idle and Little Farm Clicker. Let us engage in the collaborative preparation and assembly of sushi rolls.