Tanuki Sunset

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Tanuki Sunset is a brand-new skateboarding game that offers great images and terrific music.


Players take on the role of raccoons in Tanuki Sunset, a third-person longboard skating game, as they attempt to skate downhill on a seashore road with a synthwave backdrop.


You can manage your skateboard's speed while drifting around turns. All of your skateboarding tricks and stunts will earn you bonus points. Cruise downhill, dodge automobiles and other objects, and gather as many jewels as you can to win additional points.


Three procedurally created levels make up each Stage, and they all have the same characteristics. The only visual difference between Area 1 and Area 3 is the color scheme. The second zone's City section has the most aesthetically arresting scenery.

You may ride into the floating tape to alter the game's soundtrack or look. In order to locate a new objective, pick up the floating phone. You may bring a newborn raccoon along for your downhill journey by catching it on a balloon.


Use the left and right arrows to move.
Use W or up to assume the fast stance. Arrow
Use the up or down arrows to perform a 180-degree slide.
Use the space bar to veer
Press Esc to pause.