Toilet Rush
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Toilet Rush

Toilet Rush

In the Skibidi Toilet Game known as "Toilet Rush," you must first locate your way to the toilet, and then you must place all of your belongings on the toilet before it explodes.

Instructions for Toilet Rush

Toilet Rush is a game that can be won by taking swift action and locating a path that leads to the restroom. Following the completion of all of the poop stages, the next obstacle that you will face is to successfully aim and urinate. The game is ended if you come into contact with an impediment. You are going to have to begin once again. The parkour skills of the characters may be upgraded, and you have the ability to personalize and collect hundreds of different characters.

Key Features

  • Appreciate these graphics in the style of 3D polygon art.
  • Take pleasure in the soundtrack and the background music.
  • There are three distinct modalities of gameplay that may be selected.
  • Gain access to hundreds of characters and personalize them.

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