Two Blocks

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Another exciting puzzle game is called Two Blocks, and in order to successfully complete all 80 levels, you will need to work toward increasing the number of various objectives as much as you possibly can.

Two Blocks instructions

You should check out Two Blocks if you want to find something to employ your problem-solving skills or if you want to unwind after working flat-out or burying yourself with exams. In order to emerge victorious from this game, all you need to do is play through all eighty levels and make an effort to accomplish as many different goals as you possibly can. Always keep in mind that the more matches you match in a single move, the greater your score will be. 


  • A free-to-play video game that incorporates puzzle-based gameplay aspects.
  • Have fun with stages that have varying degrees of difficulty.
  • Includes support for multiplayer mode, which allows for a more competitive gaming experience.
  • Features of gameplay that are simple but addicting.

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