Two Lambo Rivals: Drift

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Two Lambo Rivals: Drift is an excellent game in which you need to drift across the city and try to make a high score


Play in a beautiful Tokyo-inspired city with a gloomy sky. To become the Drift King, drift across the city and achieve the greatest score! You will challenge a friend to a drifting battle and see who comes out on top. Two Lambo Rivals Race and Drift to Glory: Drift. In this game, you can collect and customize your favorite Lambo and leave your mark. In Drift an. Claim glory by putting the pedal to the metal!


Tokyo metropolis, console visuals, fantastic drift physics, local multiplayer, drifting, cloudy weather, incredible soundtrack, pleasant UI, level system, racing, Lambo, customization, garage system, calming rain


Player 1 Arrow Keys - Drive/Steer/Brake
Player 2 W,A,S,D - Drive/Steer/Brake


How To Play Two Lambo Rivals: Drift