Wheel Race 3D

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Wheel Race 3D

Are you a crazy fan of racing? If yes, you may find the exact website to follow your interest, especially during the time playing Wheel Race 3D. 

Wheel Race 3D is a 3D online game where you will experience the excellent feeling of racing in different levels and challenging condition

When encountering different highways, tires ideal for different terrains have been selected, and the entire speed of the automobile can be analyzed. Otherwise, it'll get slower and slower. 

You need to show your opponent that you will be always well prepared for environmental changes!


On each level, you have to race through different kinds of grounds, such as asphalt, ice, sand, stones, and even hot lava; therefore, you need to choose the rubber tires to quickness across normal race tracks but|choose the stores to get the best performance on the ice, paddle wheels to quickness on normal water and rock wheels execute better on rocky pathways.

 You will have fun participating in this free video game Wheel Race 3D!


The game was created by BPTop


Use your mouse for control