Witch Magic Academy
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Witch Magic Academy

Witch Magic Academy

Have you ever had the dream to become a witch and know how to use magic? If not, be not afraid, on this website we will help you make this dream a reality as nothing is impossible in the world of online games. Witch magic academy is an online game in which you need to collect all necessary herbs and elements to become a witch, transferring your dream in this real life.


When you commence witch mafic academy, you will customize the look of your witch by picking a wand, a hat, a pair of boots, and a cape, and those iconic items are never missed from the wardrobe of the witch.

You need to know how to make a magic potion when you are a starter. And to do this, you need some ingredients. In the second part, you’ll experience a stage where you can find hidden objects.

On the scroll, you need to find all potions, items, and ingredients you need for the boiling bowl on the shelves within sixty seconds 

There are some new magic classes where you can take at the academy to follow the instructions of the teachers and climb up in ranks sharply. 


There are a variety of puzzles, interesting tasks, magical graphics, and collectibles to share with your friends.


Make sure that you collect all the right ingredients. If not, you can’t like what you turn into



You can tap or click for finding your way around

There is no key needed


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