2 Player Head Basketball

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2 Player Head Basketball is an exemplary 2 player basketball game that revolves around the primary purpose of strategically utilizing three distinct bonuses to obtain an advantage over one's opponent.

Instructions for 2 Player Head Basketball

The concept of employing players' heads as the primary means of engagement in a basketball game can be contemplated, albeit no instances of such an approach have been documented thus far. One can achieve victory by selecting a character with a large cranium and deriving amusement from their speech impediment subsequent to encountering the ball. Subsequently, engage in the act of propelling basketballs towards the designated scoring areas, namely the two-point and three-point regions, with the intention of bestowing points upon your adversary during the course of our digital interactive activities tailored for a pair of participants. The utilization of incentives enables the modification of the player's dimensions, so providing additional benefits. The outcomes of one's performance are influenced by their physical actions, analogous to the dynamics observed in a basketball match. Initiate the act of releasing the spherical object in order to attempt scoring either three-point field goals or two-point field goals. Attempt to execute your buzzer-beater maneuver or execute a memorable slam dunk.

The primary features

  • An engaging and demanding athletic activity
  • The game features user-friendly controls and use two-dimensional graphics that incorporate principles of physics.
  • The user has the option to engage in gameplay either with a human companion or against artificial intelligence.
  • Please select your team and indicate your preferred players.
  • Unlock all 30 teams.
  • Engage in the manipulation of one to four quarters, with each quarter exhibiting a temporal duration ranging from 30 to 90 seconds.

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  • 1st Player: Use the "W, A, S, D" and "SPACE" button
  • 2nd Player: Use the "Arrow" Keys and "P"