Granny 2

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There is a new installment in the Granny Series called Granny 2. To stay alive, you need to do all of the assignments.

Instructions for Granny 2

Do you have affection for Granny? What do you think about Granny 2 (Granny 2 asylum horror house)? In order for you to play, you will need to find the master key, the hammer, and the batteries. It is possible to conceal yourself in closets, beneath the bed, or any other location that you believe to be quiet. You will be able to live for a few minutes with this helpful.

Main Features

  • Get away from Slendrina, Grandpa, and Granny while you can.
  • The difficulty level may be adjusted to suit your current level of expertise.
  • Test your speed by escaping from Granny's home and running away.

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