Art Thief 3D

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Art Thief 3D is a third-person action-adventure game in which the player throws dice to create human beings whose attributes are determined by the values on the dice.

Instructions for the Art Thief 3D

In the extremely casual video game Art Thief 3D, the player uses their finger to shoot, throw dice, and spawns human beings in order to steal artwork. They will cut out enormous pieces of artwork and transport the individual pixels with them. It is inevitable that human beings will start stealing the pixels from your artwork. They then transport the cubes to the "base" location. To achieve victory, you must amass a greater number of cubes. You may use it to calculate the trajectory of your throw as well as the force behind it.

The field will be struck by a cube that is currently in flight in a particular direction. Your warriors materialize in that region and immediately begin looking for your adversary. Notches will be cut into your blue cube and placed at the bottom of your playing area. The notches on the blue cube serve as indices for the numerals that have been printed on it.