Assassin Ninja Rush

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One of the greatest adventure games is Assassin Ninja Rush. To advance to new levels, you must possess assassin ninja skills.

Guide to Assassin Ninja Rush

In order to stay healthy while playing Assassin Ninja Rush, you must dodge gunshots and smash boxes. As soon as you can, you should also work on becoming the greatest ninja you can be and advance to new levels. Coins may also be collected to advance through the game's stages. Smash boxes to get more health, or defeat the opponent fast to dodge gunfire. Numerous tools, utilities, and power-ups become accessible as the game progresses. True ninjas possess senses that are above what is possible for humans.


  • Extra utilities and boosters
  • Numerous missions
  • Rankings & Worldwide Accomplishment
  • Excellent multiplier scheme
  • Control system that facilitates quick movement and simple manipulation

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