Beauty Party Rush
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Beauty Party Rush

Beauty Party Rush

You are playing Beauty Party Rush, a game that is both entertaining and informal, and your objective is to prevent your sisters from getting bounced by gears and pillars that are bothersome.

Instructions for Beauty Party Rush

The first step in playing Beauty Party Rush is to get behind the wheel of your sports automobile and get the party started. You have to maintain control of the vehicle in order to steer clear of bothersome pillars, gears that roll, and sisters who bounce. It is up to you to ensure that the party is attended by the maximum number of females.

Main Features

  • Appreciate these graphics in the style of 3D polygon art.
  • Take pleasure in the soundtrack and the background music.
  • There are three distinct modalities of gameplay that may be selected.
  • Gain access to hundreds of characters and personalize them.

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