Brick Surfer

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Brick Surfer is an adventure game in which the player must collect bricks in order to progress through the game and ultimately win diamonds.

Instructions for Brick Surfer

Your avatar can be controlled by depressing and holding the left mouse button. You need to accomplish the level and proceed to the next one. If you collide with them, you will lose bricks. The sky is home to an equally impressive number of wonders. You can enhance your earnings by going the furthest by using the remaining wood to make a large board and selling it at a higher price. Have fun while demonstrating to everyone that you are the most skilled builder in the area!


Gather them up and spend your money on some new skins. After you have crossed the finish line, it is time for you to take a ride in the clouds! You should try to get as many bricks as you can in your line, and then you should click as rapidly as you can so that you can get more diamonds.


A fantastic game that is both difficult and entertaining

Controls that are intuitive and visually engaging

Explore the game on a variety of different levels.

tracks and levels packed to the brim with hazards

Make up your own persona, please.

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