Burnin Rubber Crash n Burn

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Burnin Rubber Crash n Burn

In the fantastic racing game Burnin Rubber Crash n Burn, you must unlock all new vehicles and attempt to upgrade them by causing as much damage as you can.


Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn is the authorized Burnin' Rubber 4 tribute. Additionally, it was one of our first games made with Unity. By completing more than 25 objectives, get new cars, clothing items, and enhancements. Use the explosive slow-motion "after touch" mode to damage as much as you can as the icing on the cake!
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Brightly colored images
It's an entertaining game that can be really addictive.
simple-to-use and comprehend controls
There are several levels to complete.


[WASD] [ARROW KEYS] controls Steer [Z] - Fire [X] - Special Steer to cause maximum mayhem and earn even more money in "Aftertouch" mode!