Christmas Parkour Santa
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Christmas Parkour Santa

Christmas Parkour Santa

The upcoming holiday season is the ideal time to play this game. Coin collection is your primary purpose, and you must do this while avoiding obstacles and jumping.

Instructions for Christmas Parkour Santa

The objective of this game is to get Santa to run for the longest distance possible. The gameplay is nevertheless enjoyable despite the fact that the controls are straightforward and Santa might have problems covering great distances. You will need to very carefully calculate your movements in order to meet the deadline for delivering the presents to children located all around the world. As you make your way above the buildings, you need to focus your attention more. The further you make it through the game, the faster you'll get. You start off with three lives, so you need to be very careful as you play the game. If you use up all of your life, the game is over.

Main Features

  • Experience over 4,000 different levels.
  • There are a lot of problems that you are capable of fixing.
  • Your game can become more difficult if you use power-ups.

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