Cozy Merge
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Cozy Merge

Cozy Merge

An incredible tile-matching puzzle game called Cozy Merge, in which the goal is to amass one million points by combining tiles.

Cozy Merge Instructions

Players that are looking for a game that will test their mental capabilities may find success with Cozy Merge. You are required to lay bricks on the board that are identical to one another. When two tiles of the same kind are merged, their respective counts are increased by a factor of two. Keep stacking tiles that are identical to one another in order to create new tiles with a variety of color combinations and number sequences.


The company that created Cozy Merge is called Massive Core. The game features a good soundtrack, an attractive design, and sounds that will help the player become completely immersed in the experience. The card game Cozy Merge has a reputation for being simple to learn yet challenging to perfect.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the intellectual challenge and sheer fun of the Ball Sort Puzzle game. 

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