Dodge Hero

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The popular hypercasual game Dodge Hero is aimed mostly at males and requires players to avoid and navigate through various obstacles while appreciating the game's aesthetically pleasing presentation.

How to Play

Video game genre that combines action and adventure: dodge hero. Your objective is to score as many points as you can while avoiding all of the blows that the opponent throws at you.

You are free to challenge other players for the top rank on the respective leaderboards. You may hold the hero by clicking or tapping on him. You may see the changes in his location by moving to the left and right. You may track the character's shadow to determine whether or not he is able to get past the laser traps.

You have to eliminate the villains before they can launch an assault on you. Train your reflexes and watch out for obstacles like boxes and shields as you play this game. Make effective use of your weapon.


  • The game played in realistic 3D
  • Excellent acoustic quality
  • Games with stunning visuals that are free to play

Slide to move left and right