Draw to Fish Fight

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Drawing to Fish Fight is an interesting puzzle game that is suitable for those who like playing Skibiki. The fundamental purpose of the game is to hit the fish while avoiding all of the obstacles that are included in the game.

Rules for Draw to Fish Fight

Draw to Fish Fight provides players with a diverse selection of fish monsters from which to pick. As a result of the fact that Skibidi has to be fueled up, in order to win this game, you will need to avoid all of the obstacles and collect as many bonuses as you can without being wounded. In order to get the highest possible score on the scoreboard, you need to make every effort to hit as many fish as you possibly can. 

Key Features

  • Control mechanisms and controls that are simple to use, as well as a narrative that is both immersive and fascinating.
  • Develop a gaming design that is well-balanced.

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