Draw Two Save Save the man

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Draw Two Save Save the Man is comparable to others such as Protect My Dog 2 and Save The Panda. Your mission is to save a man by sketching the component that will allow him to escape the peril he is in.

Instructions for Draw Two Save Save the man

Have you mastered the art of figuring out conundrums and enigmas? You will be the hero who saves the lives of those who are trapped in the bog. On your screen, you will see what looks like a stick figure of a guy dangling from the clouds. There will suddenly be a fissure opening up in the ground, which will be filled with molten rock. If your character gets caught in the molten lava, they will perish. It is essential to investigate each and every aspect of the situation. Those who take pleasure in drawing will find this problem to be ideal for them.

Instructions for Draw Two Save Save the man

The man should have lines drawn around him to protect him from the bees.

Bees are better kept at bay by utilizing longer lines

You may unlock additional characters and power-ups by spending coins.

Graphics that are playful, as well as a setting that is playful.

It requires little skill, but may quickly become compulsive.