Protect My Dog 2

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Protect My Dog 2 is a puzzle game that utilizes the same gameplay principles as its predecessor, Protect My Dog, as well as its predecessor, Save the Panda. In order to prevent the bees from assaulting your dog, you will need to assemble all of the components into a line using all of the pieces.

How to Play

The sequel to Guard My Dog continues. He is in danger of being stung by the bees. The most effective strategy for dealing with persistent bees is to draw imaginary lines. This is the method that we employ here. You are only allowed to draw a certain amount of pencils at one time.

You may, however, check the percentage that is displayed in the upper right corner to see what % you now have. When you start drawing, you should make sure that you get a good look at the platform. Do not let the animals come into contact with the lava or the water.

Finishing all 85 levels will allow you to observe the progression of your talents.


Create a drawing line using your mouse.