Drift Mini Race

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The objective of the exhilarating racing game known as Drift Mini Race, which can be played for free, is to exert control over your vehicle and arrive at the finish line ahead of the other competitors.

Drift Mini Race instructions

You can check out Drift Mini Race if you are looking for a great drifting game that has a high pace. To emerge victorious from this game, all you need to do is maintain control of your vehicle and make it to the finish line as quickly as you possibly can. Caution is advised since the degree of difficulty will continue to rise as you go through the game. You also have the option to personalize your vehicle by overcoming all of your rivals.

Main Features

  • A cityscape that is open-world and does not have any traffic or competing automobiles
  • Perform actions that are against the law and race at the greatest speed.
  • A thrilling combination of burnout and drifting mechanics
  • Checkpoint mode for the minigame, which makes the game more difficult

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