Drunken Boxing
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Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing

In the action game Drunken Boxing, you and your opponent take turns throwing fast punches at one other. But watch out when you're eating that Energy Bar!

Instruction for Drunken Boxing

The physics-based boxing game Drunken Boxing supports two players simultaneously as in Boxing Random. Each round of boxing offers you the opportunity to win either against the machine or against a buddy. This game was developed by RHM Interactive. To defeat your opponent, roll up your sleeves and give them a punch that will knock them out.

When formulating your strategy for the battle, don't overlook the need of conserving your energy. You are able to put yourself through realistic fights, and you have a wide variety of combos at your disposal to finish out your opponent.



PLAYER 2 - "W, A., S. D"

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