End of War
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End of War

End of War

End of War is a 3D action game that will put you in the position of having to bring together individuals of varying ages so that you can reconstruct towns.

Instructions for End of War

The conflict had come to an end, but not before millions of bombs had leveled cities, countryside, and even woods. Nothing was left but rubble after everything had been obliterated. Therefore, you must take on the role of a hero, bring together individuals from different walks of life, and restore the forests. You need someone who can restore people's faith and cause the cities to flourish once more.

Key Features for End of War

  • Accumulating resources for maintenance, then dispersing those gains to various parties.
  • Assembling at various stages in preparation for collaborative house construction teams
  • The tale of how a nation was brought back to life is an intriguing one.
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