Fruit Doctor
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Fruit Doctor

Fruit Doctor

In the exciting arcade game known as Fruit Doctor, you take on the role of a food doctor and aim to ensure that all fruits are consumed in a healthy manner.

How to play Fruit Doctor

You must emerge victorious at all costs. Helping eggplants give birth, giving bananas sutures, or repairing a boo-boo on an apple are all tasks that fall within the purview of the Fruit Doctor.  For each treatment, you will get monetary compensation as well as coins. Make use of your profits to purchase upgrades for your clinic from the in-game store! Remember to carefully notice their diseases, choose the appropriate equipment to cure them, exercise patience, and get ready to become the most renowned doctor in the world while you are at it.

Key Features

  • Obtain a variety of clinical instruments in order to unlock a variety of clinical conditions that may be treated.
  • Gameplay that is straightforward and simple to pick up.
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your medical facility by decorating it.

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