Funny Blade & Magic

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Funny Blade & Magic is an amazing adventure game where you have to use a range of weapons, such as swords and hammers, to battle in close quarters.

Funny Blade & Magic Guide

The amusing Blade & Magic was made by GoGoMan. You need to use a variety of weapons, such as axes, swords, and hammers, in close-quarters battle in order to prevail. The weapon may be thrown to hit lofty targets. After a little while, it will come back into your hand. The game combines comedy and action. Every adversary poses a unique and enjoyable challenge. Stronger axes may be purchased with the coins. Additionally, you'll need to improve your character's health, throwing distance, and coin attractiveness.


  • Pick from nine different classes.
  • Delightfully explore the NPC System
  • Investigate new places and finish tasks
  • Expand the capabilities and attributes of your character.
  • Give your characters incredible clothes.

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