Stickman Battle Ultimate Fight

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Stickman Battle Ultimate Fight

In the awesome action game Stickman Battle Ultimate Fight, your goal is to gather every object in the area in order to live and get stronger.

Instructions for Stickman Battle Ultimate Fight

The game Stickman Battle Ultimate Fight will have you perspiring. If you're a fan, play right now for free. To win this game, you have to survive the formidable opponents and take part in an exhilarating arena. In order to have a chance, collect the strategically placed things across the map. Every item has the potential to bestow upon you unique abilities, enabling you to defeat even the most formidable foes. The levels are spread over the world in various locales, featuring magnificent symphonic settings.


  • Combat game grounded in physics
  • An additional game mode to improve the encounter
  • Never-ending level campaign
  • Select from eighteen lethal weapons.
  • There are 110 entertaining levels to go through.

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